22 grudnia 2017

Our mission

How many of us dream about perfect journey filled with attractions and great time? How many of us would like to take more than 100% from the vacation? How many of us would like to spent the vacation with the smile as huge as of all the people in the tourism catalogues? From the other side: how many of us does have time to plan step by step, read forums, opinions, look for information, check availability and at least try to understand complicated rules of service providers? How many of us would like to have someone on the spot who knows all the ins and outs of the place which we are going to visit?

We are the one on the spot!
We are here to prepare your visit according to your demands!
You can rely on us, our knowledge and our experience!

Our mission:

We know that countless number of duties and everyday rush can cause that we forget about most important things. We know that planning vacation can take weeks. We suspect that many of tourists regret that they did not prepared their vacation better. We believe that many of them wanted to prepare it with smallest details but daily duties took to much to have time for all the planning. If you have ever thought about any simplification about vacation planning we are the answer. Bestofcracow.pl is a company which will create your visit since arrival until departure. Just imagine that only thing you care about is the flight and rest will be prepared for you. Just imagine that you say only few words about your likes or hobbies and you will receive agenda of your stay perfectly tailored do your demands. We do understand your needs. We do know how to please you. We do perfectly know Cracow and we do know how to fill your schedule in Poland that you will feel satisfied and you will take only good memories from here. If you are ready for probably the best trip in your life just contact us here and receive offer that suits you the best!  

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